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Another plant blog…

This is going to be a blog about plants for plant people and non plant people alike. Besides talking about plants in general I will also write about some of the projects I’m working on in and outside of my day job at “the greenhouse”. Why quotes? I don’t have permission to use the business name until they’ve had time to review the content of this page. I don’t blame them.

If you have any recommendations for posts, questions about plants, or know of a neat plant related article I should read send it my way through the suggestions page. Here is a list of some of the topics coming up in the next few months…

  • Plant machine interface
  • Future gardening
  • Robots and Gardens
  • Rosarians vs Potheads
  • Drink Botany
  • Plant history
  • Plant Question of the week
  • Plant ID Mystery of the week
  • and more…